About AcreTrader

AcreTrader launched in 2018 and has established itself as a leader in the farmland investment industry. Our team and company have grown at an incredible pace, and in order to continue this growth, we must do so intentionally. We have very high expectations for ourselves, each other, and every new team member. We’re looking for high performers who go about their work with a sense of curiosity and a drive to make things better. Submit an application if you would like to be part of a fast moving operation with an opportunity to make a massive impact at the intersection of finance, technology, and agriculture.

AcreTrader is a real estate investing platform that makes it easy to buy shares of farmland and earn passive income. Farmland has historically outperformed most asset classes and other forms of real estate. Unfortunately, buying and maintaining farmland directly is extremely difficult without local knowledge, management, and large investment commitments. AcreTrader solves these issues by providing transparency, flexibility, and ease of use to people wanting to invest in farmland while handling all aspects of administration and property management, from insurance and accounting to working with local farmers and improving soil sustainability. At the same time, AcreTrader works to help farmers scale through innovative sales and leasing opportunities. See our How it Works page for more details.

Investor Relations Associate

AcreTrader is seeking an associate to work on our Investor Relations team, serving as the bridge and voice connecting our customers and core business. This position will be responsible for educating accredited investors on the fundamentals of farmland investing and how to use the AcreTrader platform. This will be performed through one-on-one conversations with new customers, delivering original content, and working with new and existing partner organizations. We have hundreds of new investors creating accounts on AcreTrader each week. The Investor Relations Associate will spend time on the phone with investors discussing the benefits and attributes of farmland as an asset class and how to use the platform.

We are seeking a candidate with multiple years of experience in the financial sector and client servicing in order to hit the ground running. As at any growing company, you can expect many other tasks and responsibilities to be assigned as well as growth opportunities to be seized.

Key Outcomes:

  • Create a seamless investor experience serving as a guide through all stages of the AcreTrader customer life cycle.
    • Rapid response to inbound inquiries from potential customers via phone, email, chat, comments, etc.
    • Outreach to new Accredited Investor accounts created on AcreTrader platform via phone and email.
    • Ongoing engagement with users and customers to ensure that AcreTrader stays front of mind and that they have the information necessary to make an investment.
    • Assist with all transactional elements of the investment process.
  • Work with the entire AcreTrader enterprise to stay informed on farm investment offerings and provide appropriate customer feedback and insights.
    • Integrate with the Farm Operations team to understand the details of each listing on the AcreTrader platform.
    • Integrate with the Product team to maintain fluency in all aspects of the platform and provide regular insights and feedback from users on how to improve the customer experience.
    • Coordinate with other AcreTrader team members to ensure that customers’ needs are met.
  • Create regular content working towards AcreTrader’s investor education and SEO goals.
    • Write periodic blogs on different topics of customer interest to be housed in the AcreTrader Learning Center.
    • Build content for periodic webinars to be broadcast to the AcreTrader network.
    • Author guest posts to share the AcreTrader message on 3rd party platforms.
  • Within 30 days, develop a deep understanding of AcreTrader’s business and customer offerings.
    • Present informed opinions on work and solutions to potential problems to internal stakeholders.
    • Begin providing targets and current performance updates on a bi-monthly basis to management.
  • Understand and exhibit AcreTrader’s mission and core values.
    • Maintain a high level of integrity and curiosity.
    • Clearly articulate the vision for AcreTrader as well as the core beliefs of the company.
    • Be able to defend thoughts and ideas internally in a professional manner when challenged.

Key Competencies/Requirements:

  • Strong background and understanding of finance and investing fundamentals
  • 3+ years of experience in the financial services industry
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Mindset of continuous improvement
  • Ability to self-manage and prioritize a large and diverse workload
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Agricultural background is an advantage
  • Northwest Arkansas-based